Thursday, March 05, 2015

Discussing the internet, cyber bullying and sexting with your teens!

Its not something that most parents what to think about and really its kind of embarrassing but unfortunately in this day and age the teenagers have a totally different playground to play in.

Things that were said before we had phones and the internet became became word of mouth, now they are in black and white, repeated and used as bullying or evidence.

What was "she said this" or "he said that" is now plain to see by other children , teachers , police or even predetors.

Photos are spread from child to child from and site to site, once they are in someone else phones they become public media! Years ago they would of been ripped up or not even developed in the first place.

Will our poor teenagers ever develop normal relationships and or will they subconsciously do something that can never be erased and stay with them for ever?

This video takes a good look at what can happen when an image goes viral and the subsequent consequences. It aimed directly at teenagers who also experience peer pressure to be liked and fit in.

It offers practical advise and info for parents and children without it being embarrassing.

Exploitation helping teens exposed to sexting and cyber bullying.

Best of all watch it with them and talk to your child , don't make them embarrassed by telling them off explain what it was like for yourself as a child and guide them.

 Arm yourself with as much information you can to help them and encourage them to talk  , remember they are your child and still a child and we as parents are there to protect them.

Below are some useful sites for you and your teenager,

 Take a good look at its a great site set up by the child exploitation and child protection centre. With advise for all age groups.

Find lots of help and advise at

And your child can always speak to someone at

Hope this helps xx
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