Sunday, February 15, 2015

Document your life and catch up with project life! The easy way?

Project life I know is meant to be a little at a time week by week.
However since the house has been a building site my Scrapbooking has gone AWOL  so I thought I'd try and catch up!

For those of you that don't know what it is it's a way of documenting your life in photos  and journaling using D ring albums and pocket pages.
There's no right and wrong I just decided an easier way to document my last last year would be to print all the pics and do small snippets, so project life seemed just the thing! 

( 2013 documented courtesy of Niki Rowland )

So for this year the first things I've decided to do are,

1. To document the month that's fresh in my mind whilst documenting a previous one. 
Ie- this January 2015 and last January 2014.

2. To round corners or not to round? I've decided not too as I simply do not have time it's a lot of corners, I figured no one would notice or care. 

3. Not to worry about missing a week! There are a lot of weeks in a year , some months are longer than other and as long as the photos are there it's fine. Some months may have only a few pages some more but saying that I will limit myself as I don't want hundreds of albums!
To help this I'm going to use a range of 12x12 pocket pages for the majority of the month then for left over photos and events I'll use smaller filler pages.

4. Keep all a simple theme throughout , grid cards for journaling and minimal embellishments which will be flat and not bulky. 

5. I'm going to use a range of projectlife cards from different company's, some printables free and paid. I'll also be trying to use a lot of my own stash of which I have plenty! And I'm even going to attempt to make my own printables! Most of my project life stash at the moment is  courtesy of Niki Rowland  I got so far behind with her lovely monthly project that I now at starting from scratch. Watch this space!

6. I'm going to organise all of my photos in to months and as a month goes by I'll be printing it out and putting in an envelope ahead of schedule!

There will be plenty if tips and tricks along the way so here goes if you care to join me please do!

( my little desk in France when the fun begins! )
My next step will photo organisation , believe me that's a task!
Thanks for looking x