Sunday, May 04, 2014

Freshen up the garden with grey paint and a new Acer!

Today We spent the day taking a good look at the garden. As we are doing all the work on the inside if the house the garden has been neglected and we thought we would tidy it up abit. 
Unfortunately the lawnmower has packed up and being such a long garden we have called in for some help to keep it down , but in the meantime the  woodwork was looking tired and the fences need a paint . So we thought we would try a touch of grey , the fence to the right will be painted but will be a bit darker grey.
We can't decide whether to paint the base of the pond or leave it as it is? , we quite like the weathered affect but as they are old sleepers they have aged quite well.
I'm hoping once the fence is painted it will all tie in.

The paint comes n a variety of colours we chose the silver birch and it covered perfectly in just one coat!
 I'm just trying to decide on what colour to paint the shed and the kids climbing frame !
We also picked up a new Acer tree we think it's a  Wilson's Pink Dwarf tree that's been grafted on to another trunk .

It's beautiful ! The colours are stunning think this will be potted up next to our front door it's really a stunner!
The leaves are a bright green with a pink edge and are tiny and feathery. 

So here's to the next round of painting, watch this space I'm getting excited! I love it when you can get out in the garden and it enjoy it! 

Thanks for looking xx

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