Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bonsai and jade plants , Could it be my new hobby?

My friend gave me a little tree to grow on as a bonsai , it doesn't look like a bonsai and I thought what will I do with that? 
I spent the next day searching the internet for bonsai information and decided to try an experiment!

This little jade plant was my nans and was looking very sorry for itself it had branches all over the place and a lot of them were shooting roots. 
I gave it a hard cut back and potted it in to a bonsai dish anchoring it down. 
Jade plants are very hardy and grow very quick that said a new plant can turn in to a mature bonsai in just 3 years ! My plant had been neglected and not even watered for a while but now all the leaves have plumpted back out and I'm hoping for new shoots to train.

With out wanting to waste anything I potted all of the cuttings so I can try some new bonsai and new jade plants afresh. Great for gifts too!

I also tried another little bonsai an escallonia plant which is a flowering privet evergreen. It needed lots of pruning  and still needs the lower branch taken off just wasn't sure at the time . 

Ok so it looks a bit spindly! But I'm sure it will bush out for more trimming if not I guess I should stick to the jade plants! 
I let you know what they look like in a few months! 
Thanks for looking x

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