Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Roaming Roosters , farm shop and The olde spot restaurant , Lancashire.

Roaming roosters farm shop and the old spot restaurant, Higham  Lancashire.

Driving home from Lancashire to London is a bit of a long job so just before going home we stopped off at the olde spot restaurant for some lunch.

The olde spot has a lovely rural feel to it we had a large 8 seat round table which was perfect for out two families.
The service was friendly and a nice speed and it was jam packed with a lovely atmosphere .
The menu was vast and I could nt decide as usual , cheese pie , mushy peas and chips or pulled pork foccacia bun!

The children get a choice of all of the menu as a half size portion , which was great . Harry's fish goujons were Huge!

Dessert was even better , bake well tart, chocolate fudge cakes and pecan merangue to name but a few.

I had to try the rose lemonade it was delicious , think Turkish delight with fizz!

We all enjoyed it so much That I couldn't leave without buying few bits in the farm shop. 
It has a large butchers selection , stocks local Lancashire beers , vegetables and condiments. 
I chose some beef olives , which were jalapeños , sundries tomato sausage meat stuffed in beef steak , they were delicious .
We also took home some fillet and some pork and beer sausages . Yum! 

Bieng as it's a farm the children can feed the animals too for a small fee , we unfortunately didn't have time for this so will be back next time!
 Can't wait! 

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