Monday, April 21, 2014

Easy Yorkshire puddings and for dessert just add jam!

I love a Yorkshire pudding and once upon a time I never made them and used to buy frozen! I tried them again and persevered and haven't looked back. We met some friends from America and they told us they were popovers! Brilliant name!

 Now even in Spain I can't resist knocking up some yorkshires and it's so simple. 

My Popovers sometimes look a little different depending on the eggs and flour, I find they don't rise as much in France but think that's my oven not bieng hot enough. They worked a treat here.

So to make these in a foolproof easy way it's equal measures of eggs, flour and milk  so you can't forget . For 12 nice full yorkys I use 3 eggs and so for 8 I use 2. 

I've have even used one egg before just because I wanted a Yorkshire with my dinner and this does about 4.

So break your eggs and use the exact same amount of plain flour and milk in a glass. I normally use one glass and make a note of how high the eggs come up.

Give them a whisk add some salt and pepper and bobs your uncle!

Next bit is trickier. Make sure your oven is set to 180c . Place a small amount of lard or oil (lard works best) in to each bun tin and heat for a least 20mins so it's really sizzling hot. 

Making sure your dinner is sort of ready as you must not open the oven whilst your Yorkshires are in there pour some batter in each bun of hot liquid. Pop in the oven for 20- 25mins depending on how brown you like them .

So main points are,

Even measurements!

Very hot fat!

Do not open oven door!

The best bit is eating them after with jam or golden syrup! Just like pancakes! They are delicious!


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