Friday, April 04, 2014

Audible my new housework helper!

I have just recently been using Audible, I love reading and barely get time to do so , I'm too tired at night and have only been reading when away .

I find my days are crammed with stuff to do and I rush around like a headless chicken! Audible had helped me amazingly with getting organized believe it or not! 
Take yesterday I really needed to sort out upstairs change beds and clean bathrooms , this would normally take most of the morning after stopping for coffee, looking on the internet, picking up the post, tidying boys rooms, checking emails plus general daydreaming etcetera .Instead I popped on my new audio book on tucked in my headphones and went into auto pilot. In an hour and a half I'd done more than what I would normally of done in a whole morning!
Of course anything that involves abit of thought like sorting cupboards doesn't really work but dusting, hoovering cleaning is a doddle!
I listen on iPhone using the audible app.

Audible is great all the choices of regular book stores and lots of ideas for more interesting reads.
I signed up it was £3.99 for the first three months and then £7.99 there after.
Which is for one credit per month,  one credit equals one book. There are  other options are like two books per month or 12 books in one go, but I chose the basic one to try.

You can purchase books as well as using your credits while using the membership . I purchase books when they are on specials too rather than use a credit , ie a £12.99 book is on special for £4.99 , I'd purchase it and save my credit for an expensive book. 
You can listen to the narrator before purchasing and reads reviews which makes It easier to choose a book.
They also have a great listen guarantee so you can return a book if you really don't like it.

The audible app is really easy to use, it has a sleep function incase your like me and fall asleep when reading in bed that way you don't have to rewind half the book the next day.
It has a 30 second rewind button which comes in handy if you didn't quite catch something.
The app also tracks your listening time , I've currently read a few days worth!

I'm currently reading the husbands secret can't wait for the next good book and I can even catch up with a good book with my eyes shut!

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