Sunday, March 02, 2014

trials and tribulations of being back in the blogging world!!

The trials and tribulations are quite demanding!
When i set up my blog many moons ago on blogger it was straight forward in the way that you didn't have much choice and you could google something quick for the answer.
Now however the choices are endless the templates to purchase the gadgets to add and so on are pretty confusing!
Im planning on turning my blog around adding more information make it look pretty and be informative!
I promise when I've learnt the failsafe easy ways to technically set up your new blog i will post tutorials here.
Here i what i need to know!

Do change templates in blogger or edit the classic version?

How to add gadgets?

How to find the perfect wallpapers and adding them to backgrounds?

How to get my domain name working?

just about everything really so in the meantime i will add some info and post and keep it going while i persevere!!

Anyone who sees this feel free to help! Thank you X

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