Thursday, March 06, 2008

{ feeling rough }

Hi all Were not a well bunch this week kids are off school with colds and ive got pleurisy!

I ve had a cold, tonsilitus and you name it for about three weeks and now im in loads of pain on one side of my chest feels like theres a brick in it! i thought i had broke a rib!

Doctors says its pleurisy im taking antibioctics but no improvement so it looks like i may have to go back.

So owens playing Doctor who in his bed room but keeps complaining he wants to play on the computer, Harrys glued to the tele (note to self -turn it off!) Im blogging and i suppose i better have a go at the ironing pile but to be honest dont quite feel up to it maybe a coffee and a couple of biscuits would go down better.

WELL ON A BETTER NOTE THE FISH SO FAR HAVE SURVIVED! Yes baby mollies are two weeks old happy birthday!! think ther 5 or 6 but they wont stay still.

Heres scrapagogo layouts for january,
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