Friday, March 28, 2008

( fab finds)

Ive been nosing around blogs all morning and have come across some fantastic sites! One is a site where you can design your own blogBook, Yes you can have your whole blog printed on to your own Book! The prices look reasonable and it has free downloadable software to help you design looks fab!

I think its a great idea seeing as so many people put such an effort in to there blogs and to have it printed would be really cool!

check it out here!

Also you must check out this sight which designs your own email invitations!They are really modern and the photgraphy is amazing. Really cool worth a look even if its just for some inspiration!

Ill be back soon meanwhile here is one of marchs designed scrapagogo designed los!

Monday, March 24, 2008

{mmm shopping}

Well busy busy! Ive noticed that although i am a shopperholic ( as well as a scrapaholic chocaholic etc} I dont seem to post about anything that i buy so here gos from now on not only will i be skint but you will be too !

You really must check out this fab etsy shop jewelery really is fantastic i have just ordered a stunning love necklace with a fantastic green crystal on it it really is fab! This can be seen on her blog

As soon as it arrives ill show you a pic!

We had a fab easter It snowed on easter sunday which meant the easter egg hunt had to take place indoors , didnt spoil it though as we had a fab time in the snow and a easter egg hunt too!

The boys loved thier easter eggs they also got a book each and a toy car because they are so special!

Had a great night out saturday mum babysat and we went to the ivory room billericay for a meal and a boogie! i had duck followed by steak yummy!! Had a heavy head the next morning though!!
As i speak its got very dark and ive just n oticed its snowing again.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

{ feeling rough }

Hi all Were not a well bunch this week kids are off school with colds and ive got pleurisy!

I ve had a cold, tonsilitus and you name it for about three weeks and now im in loads of pain on one side of my chest feels like theres a brick in it! i thought i had broke a rib!

Doctors says its pleurisy im taking antibioctics but no improvement so it looks like i may have to go back.

So owens playing Doctor who in his bed room but keeps complaining he wants to play on the computer, Harrys glued to the tele (note to self -turn it off!) Im blogging and i suppose i better have a go at the ironing pile but to be honest dont quite feel up to it maybe a coffee and a couple of biscuits would go down better.

WELL ON A BETTER NOTE THE FISH SO FAR HAVE SURVIVED! Yes baby mollies are two weeks old happy birthday!! think ther 5 or 6 but they wont stay still.

Heres scrapagogo layouts for january,