Monday, February 25, 2008

{ proud mum to 5 baby mollies!}

5 what? i hear you say! Yes my fish have given birth!

I bought two dalmation baloon mollys for my tropical tank on thursday and thought that one looked a bit large, well a couple of hours later she started giving birth a few were only eggs probably from the shock of the move but low and behold there were little mollies swimming!

I was a bit worried at first as to whether they would get eaten but they seem to be doing a good job of hiding in the plants and now even come out to eat , they are quite big about just over a cm in lenth and different colours, How cute?

Heres a pic of my tiny baby molly righthand side and my long fin pleco on his log, ( aka Billy).

Also a couple of my christmas los from scrapagogo, we are nearly up to date! Whoop ones lopsided!
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