Monday, February 25, 2008

{ proud mum to 5 baby mollies!}

5 what? i hear you say! Yes my fish have given birth!

I bought two dalmation baloon mollys for my tropical tank on thursday and thought that one looked a bit large, well a couple of hours later she started giving birth a few were only eggs probably from the shock of the move but low and behold there were little mollies swimming!

I was a bit worried at first as to whether they would get eaten but they seem to be doing a good job of hiding in the plants and now even come out to eat , they are quite big about just over a cm in lenth and different colours, How cute?

Heres a pic of my tiny baby molly righthand side and my long fin pleco on his log, ( aka Billy).

Also a couple of my christmas los from scrapagogo, we are nearly up to date! Whoop ones lopsided!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well were here! France that is and were having a grand time! We took a drive up to the d day landing beaches, it was a beautiful sunny day, We visited The American cemetery at omaha beach it was very poignant. There are 9,387 graves there of which 307 of them are unkowns .We later drove on to pointe du hoc where the The German had there batteries this was very heavily bombed during the war and remains much as it was left. There are huge craters from bombs and many shelters and gun points to explore. Here are some photos taken on the day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Had some bad news this week my best friends mum has just lost her battle with lung cancer , Weve had a heartbreaking time. Cant imagine whats its like to lose your mum, So big hugs to liz.

Quilts coming on fine had some trouble with the binding need to unpick it but nearly done will be starting a new one soon of my other son as he says its wicked!

Heres some los made with the fantastic scrapagogo kit which is getting better every month! they now have ribbons everymonth that coordinate with the kit and the go to pieces has loads of funky vintigy bits! So here we have novembers kit which was very tasty!

We are off to france at the weekend to do nothing ( Well maybe a bit of crafting) I love it there i think i need the break this time.
see you soon!