Tuesday, May 29, 2007

{another little look at what he says}

Heres todays captions what he says! little angel!

Im gonna attempt my blog over to the new one where you can design more only im a little worried i might not know how to put it all back together, so please excuse me if you log on and its all over the place!

Second pic is of my hubbys new pond! It has taken about three weeks of hard graft, but you should have seen his face when i put the fish in yesterday he coulnt stop smiling! So our fish have a new home and i have what looks like a spacecraft landed in my garden!


lorraineA said...

WOW Donna, your fish pond is the size of our garden:lol:


kathy pitt said...

That is SOME Pond, i thought it was gonna be a swimming pool girl! :) no wonder he is proud of himself !