Saturday, December 23, 2006

{its oh so quiet, ssh ssh}

peace and quiet! the night beforescra christmas eve! the presents are wrapped , santas booked, mummys worn out! daddys got a hangover! oh well cant have it all ways.
Thought i had better blog while i had a minute , i havent even visited any other blogs recently i am sorry! been so busy! heres a lo done for scrapagogo using blonde moments, very funky paper its so lovely to try different styles of paper i must experiment more! I am a little afraid of doing things out of the ordinary, i must try one of these new challenge blogs out, it might help me out!
The house is coming on lovely was going to take some photos of outside but the wall and fence was blown down in the wind so it doesnt look quite so great now! I love watching the birds in the garden and the squirrels amaze me they chase each other bury there nuts and pinch all the birds nuts! I could stand there all day as my kitchin looks out on the garden.
The next two photos are of my uncle, my mum found the photo of my nans brother who passed away before i knew him, it was one of the only ones she had of him, so i recoloured the image does it look ok or do you think it needs more work? You can still see some of the discolouration but it is an old photo!
Thanks for all your post i will come and visit Merry chistmas to all!!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

{Christmas is coming!}

Heres a little somthing i designed for scrapagogo! i cant show the page just yet but lorraine showed my little box on her site so i thought i would give you a peek!
The other photo was one taken of my little one at the playgroup, i thought it was really cool so got them on cd so i could have a play!