Tuesday, June 27, 2006

{ los 8 an 9}

I was wondering how many people visit my blog if you do please can you leave little comment this time it would be so dishearting if i was talking to myself it would just give me an idea! i get so worried about updating it. Thanks

These los were done for a readers gallery i dont think they were accepted so im posting them here!I used some stickers ive had for a long time! i have hundreds left to use its such a waste i really must read my supply savvy book to give me a kick in the right direction!I havent brouhght anything else but i do have a ellison voucher to use which was a best of the british prize im not sure what to get . I have a quickutz and a craftrobo but a tagalong would be good for crops id get quite a few dies for my money!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

{my own photo shoot}

Check out what ive been doing this morning with a black sheet desklamp and my sony cybershot, wellpleased with the results!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

{Crazy summer days}

These photo were taken june the 10th my lads all dressed up for the football after a day of lazin in the paddling pool , Harry wore owens Bandana as he wouldnt keep his hat on so then Owen wanted one, This pic here hes playing in the padling pool with no water the big one was up the other end of the garden!
I had the England photo put on to a mug for Fathers day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

{so much for a stash diet}

Oh well not doing so good , had to buy some hiedi swapp chipboard letters (allways wanted them and they were in stock) from the states so i got a few papers too, not too bad , My next kit has arrived from scrapagogo blonde moments!!! i wasn't too sure on the papers they aren't what i would normally use but lorraine has teamed it with some great stuff and now i cant wait too play with it its totally outrageous this month!
I recieved one of my best of the british prizes, lots of k and co stuff mainly studio k , so i have plenty to play with. I am expecting the rest of the prize soon so i definatly don't need to buy anything!!
Iwill upload a photo of all my prizes to show you, ill also upload my design team images for last month scrapagogo as soon as they go public!
meanwhile here is som photos ive been playing with! some were taken at a photo shoot and ive fiddled with them, brightened added more contrast and dodged and burned abit! I have this new book you see designing with digital and i gonna try and get too grips with it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

{9am lo no 6}

Heres a lo i did, bit of a wonky scan and a bit missing! never mind , i really loving the look of Ali Edwards she was my inspiration for this . Ithink i really need her new book!!!
I know i cant buy but i just got some fab stanps from technique tuesday seen on my lo, im trying to diet still must concentrate on it now and and get tham los in . No more buying!
Bit too hot to scrapbook though dont you think!

Monday, June 05, 2006

{hi all}

Sorry i haven't disapeared , Just been to visit my friend in lancashire. Had a lovely time though i was ill while i was there just after saying that im never ill??? Still getting over it now!
Had a great time visited Dawn bibbys shop at oswaldtwistle mills always have to have mosey on round there only it is a little harder now we have four children between us rather than two! Still the play area came in handy!
This weekend we visited epping forest a fave place of ours we went to scatter my grandads ashes, it wasnt a sombre afair we had a lovely day fed the ducks Owen loved it, it was very peacefull .
It was my grandad favourite place as he lived there all his life and learnt to swim in the lost pond, myself and my sister both have fond memories of trampling leaves and paddling in the brook . We shall go again soon .Heres some pics of the day.
My stash diets not bad only brought necessitys at topaz (metal ruler, white ink pad etc) I have done three los (nowhere near fifty!!!) but i have done two scrapagogo ones two thats five but i dont think i can count them as they were a new kit!!