Saturday, May 13, 2006

{i've been tagged}

Yes Sorry nic tagged me
And im so slow so here it is;

5 things in my Fridge,

1. crabsticks
2. baby bottles
3. easter eggs (still not eaten)
4. champagne 2 bottles!!!!
5. branston pickle

5 things in my wardrobe

1. jeans lots of skinnys
2. new Karen Millen no for wedding coming up,
3. loads of shoes plenty of birkis
4. witchs costume!!! now you know what i do in my spare time!
5. My wedding shoes (they come in handy from time to time!)

5 things in my bag

1. mobile
2. bib,
3. camera (it goes everywhere)
4. purse,
5. Artbase points card!

5 things in my car

1. rubbish
2. pushchairs 2 of them
3. scooter (a small one)
4. sunglasses
5. large piece of chipboard i keep meaning to take out to make book covers!

5 things in my skyplus

1. the Street
2 eastenders
3. Lost
4. big brother it starts next week!!!!!!
5. Power rangers!!!

that was fun now what do i do?? I will tag Lisa Sam Pam

dont know how to do linkie things properly yet i hope you dont mind girls!
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