Sunday, April 30, 2006


This is the junkitz challenge you had to complete the other half of the double page using unusual hidden journaling , i hid mine behind the spinny web!

{sunday 30th}

Hi all We had our aniversary on friday Three years (so far so good ) haha, Had a lovely meal at the magic mushroom did'nt take the camera though!
Scrap camp was brilliant, myself and my sister went along to scrap we also took my mum and nan to stay at the hotel. They went visiting relatives while we scrapped!
Must say a big well done to Mandy and her team for a great weekend!
I won three challenges over the weekend and so did Emma My sister! This lo was a class kit that i slighty adapted for the challenge. I won this challenge but only because no one else entered this one Haha ( you got to be in it to win it! )
We had some games on the saturday night , scrap quiz ( we were rubbish) Build a tower out of paper and sellotape (we won!!!) and a blind folded scrapping contest which we too only i dont know how i will upload that photo another time!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

{20th april}

Todays the day of the funeral, Scrapcamp tomorrow gonna try and look forward to that,I will upload all my los after the weekend (if i get any done)
Mum and Nan are coming to Bristol too they are gonna go visit relatives while me and my sister scrap. It will nice to be together! Dont know what my Nan will make of it! She 84 and never seen lots of stash mad scrappers all in one place!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

{ In memory of grandad bob }

My grandad bob { Raymond Edward Harrington } in his heyday 1943
6th feb 1924 - 13th April 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

{21 day no 9 }

{ 21 day no 8 }

{21day no 7}

{21 day no5 }

{21 day no 4}

Here are my entrys for the 21 day challenge un fortunatly due to the loss of my grandad i only completed 9, but i still took part and i recieved masses of inspiration well done to all those who took part!

{Kirstys challenge}

 Here is my second attempt at kirstys challenge i did like my other photo that much and thought i could portray myself just as much with my hands!I used my hand prints for background and thought i should ues my own handwriting,the doodaling is pen but some of it is cut out with a craft knife and bazzil, primas included.

The poem i wrote myself it says,
These are the hands which have lead me through life,
These are the hands which bear the ring symbolic of bieng a wife,
These are the hands which which have wiped away tears,
These are the hands which have been gripped with fear,
These are the hands which have tenderly touched,
These are the hands which filled with love so much,
These are the hands which have clapped with joy,
These are the hands which will raise my two boys,
These are the hands which which will pick them up when they fall,
These are the hands which will lead them through it all!
These hands are a piece of me!

I'm now gonna continue uploading whats left of my 21 day challenges as since we had the bad news i must admit i gave up!

{ I've been neglecting you}

Not been a good week! After harry got over the chicken pox which prevented us from doing disney we had a call telling us that my Grandad was in hospital and would'nt make it through the day, We came straight home and sat by his bedside with family, unfortunately poor old grandad passed away this week.
Heads abit fussy bit shellshocked.

Here are the lo's that i have done for kirstys challenge while i was away. Smiling a bit to much for the moment on this one.

Friday, April 07, 2006

{ I'm still here!}

Hi, all still doing my challenges however can't post any don't have the right equipment here in France.
Off to euro disney on monday, will take loads of photos!
Iwill posting my challenges when i get back all 10 of them sorry it will take ages! i've also done two bom challenges too will upload those later too!
Had loads of time to scrap not doing too good on changing bad habits though feel abit defeated! Is this a turning point?
People ask me why i have done blog? It s all for me , i learning the about computers (slowly) i spend time on me i can show people my work which i love doing!Is it selfish well maybe but hey thats life!