Tuesday, March 28, 2006

{21 day challenge! Day 1}

Here gos i am taking part in Rhonna Farrers 21 day challenge! Its all about breaking Habits and achieving goals the theory is that you are suposed to be able to change and break a bad habit in just 21 days, and the idea is to do this with a creative journal to encourage , inspire you and pass the time while you change!
I have decided there is too much i want to change so i will be glad of any improvement and the chance to experiment daily (which is good practise for my creativity and at least my blog will be updated!)
I have just done my first lo and already i want to do more but i have other commitments ( this is me changing "find time for other/ find time for me!") I have learnt that i don't like writing on textured card , so i will be using something else tomorrow. Look out for the varied colours as i can't decide on a theme so i will do something different everyday and learn something new about me!!!!
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