Saturday, December 23, 2006

{its oh so quiet, ssh ssh}

peace and quiet! the night beforescra christmas eve! the presents are wrapped , santas booked, mummys worn out! daddys got a hangover! oh well cant have it all ways.
Thought i had better blog while i had a minute , i havent even visited any other blogs recently i am sorry! been so busy! heres a lo done for scrapagogo using blonde moments, very funky paper its so lovely to try different styles of paper i must experiment more! I am a little afraid of doing things out of the ordinary, i must try one of these new challenge blogs out, it might help me out!
The house is coming on lovely was going to take some photos of outside but the wall and fence was blown down in the wind so it doesnt look quite so great now! I love watching the birds in the garden and the squirrels amaze me they chase each other bury there nuts and pinch all the birds nuts! I could stand there all day as my kitchin looks out on the garden.
The next two photos are of my uncle, my mum found the photo of my nans brother who passed away before i knew him, it was one of the only ones she had of him, so i recoloured the image does it look ok or do you think it needs more work? You can still see some of the discolouration but it is an old photo!
Thanks for all your post i will come and visit Merry chistmas to all!!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

{Christmas is coming!}

Heres a little somthing i designed for scrapagogo! i cant show the page just yet but lorraine showed my little box on her site so i thought i would give you a peek!
The other photo was one taken of my little one at the playgroup, i thought it was really cool so got them on cd so i could have a play!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

{Hi honey im home!}

Were in , very unorganised but in! Have loads to tell you my house is gorgeous! havent taken many pics yet heres one of Owen in one of the apple trees at the bottom of the garden! we have about ten trees! ( will have to count them!) we get loads of squirrels and plenty of birds! Im lovin it!
The lo is novembers scrapagogo kit very yummy isnt it! I have lots more to show but will be soon ! see ya!

Monday, October 30, 2006

{Thanks Ladies}

Thanks to all who visit and comment on my blog ! its really lovely to hear from you i feel i have lots of new friends!
These are some pics i took at the weekend using hubbys SLR not too sure if they are anygood! I dont know how to use it really i must be doing something wrong as the shots from my cybershot have a better res,
Some pics are quite dark , it was in the woods the brighter shots werent so undercover!
Anyway we had a great day and Harry was covered in mud from head to toe! will try again soon!

Monday, October 23, 2006

{christmas card 2006}

I done it! my 2006 christmas card! it really is only my second digi layout .
I didnt have any snowflake brushes so i downloaded a font from it seemed to work quite well!
Just need to get them printed now, last year i had them done at snapfish but this year my stepdad is going to do them for me for free !
Oh well back to packing!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

{October scrapagogo}

Scenic route!

{October update}

Im still here!
Looks like the moving is all going to plan! We exchanged on friday and we move on the 1st of nov! So i am up to my eyeballs in packing!
I must take some picks of our home before i leave it and maybe the street sign!
This months scrapagogo kit was scenic route YUM! It was brilliant for Owens school photos! Next months kit is American crafts play thats yummy too. Im so gratefull to be on the design team it makes me try different things, at the moment i only seem to be doing the design team pages as im so busy .
The photo is going to be my christmas card this year, it took ages to stage and this was the better one which was actually one of the first ones i took! whilst Harry still had the hat on!, They were supposed to be holding the letters but still at least you can still read them and they are both looking in the same direction!
Well bye for now i will be back to update you on my hopefully new craftroom!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

{hello ladies}

Sorry presuming your all ladies! been very busy lately dont seem to have time for anything, but i just had to post these fab photos i took last week of my niece and nephews for Nanny xmas calender!! yes sorry thinking about christmas already!! Loving taking photos at the mo im gonna get out Darrens digital slr and have a play see if i can get to grips with it.
The layout is this months scrapagogos kit using cherry arte!

Monday, September 04, 2006

{brill weekend}

This weekend ive been to scrapaholics in bedford i taught two classes and had a fab time! The cherish lo was my first one.!Really enjoyed it!
The other two los are this months scrapaogogo kit! Made using paper heart studio papers, chip chatter frames,and scenic route chipboard letters! this months looks fab too!
Ive got a lot to do in prep for moving so i will be getting rid of some scrapbook stuff ( oh n0o i hear you say ) well ive got too much!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

{school holiday madness}

Sorry i have been so busy over the school holidays, we had a weekend to the cotswolds which was beautiful! than France for 2 weeks and now im off scrapbooking so have no time to stop !!Had major probs with computer so cant scan any los amo will get round this. So please dont leave me i will be back with loads to show and tell!!
So here are a few tasters of my last month and i will be back when i have some more time to show you some of my latest los!
See you soon.

Monday, July 31, 2006

{Family photo}

I took this photo of us the other morning , its just a typical family sunday all of us on the bed watching tv!I set up the camera with the timer and this was the best shot!How groovy now i can do family shots when no one else is around to take the pic the oputunities are endless!!! watch this space!
The other photo is my little harry in the Garden he could spend all day looking at the fish which he calls sishes and makes pucpuc sounds, and with moving i wanted to capture as many photos of our house as possible!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

{little bit of everything!}

Well we found it a new house ! so exicited , gonna try and keep it in perspective incase all goes wrong!,
These are photos of our Dog Ben unfortunately he passed away in january, but these photos are particulary shown for Marias daughter I will try and upload more recent ones but this is my fave when he was just a pup!in a bucket and the other photo was his pride and place at our old house, Do you know ive never done a page on him how sad! I have no digital photos of him so im gonna try and dig them out and do a page bless him!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

{Julys scrapagogo lo}

Heres julys scrapagogo lo using blonde moments suet pudding range, i loved doing this page, but i feel i need to try a new angle! I want more info and more photos, i did buy the new clean and simple scrapbooking and i love it the pages mean so much! Ive brought freestyle also but although the pages are awsome im not feeling it! im too much a clean lines person! I gonna have ago , ill let you know how i get on!
We are house hunting at the mo, God its so tough! weve viewed about seven houses some are beautiful some are not so but theres always something not quite right! i suppose one will come with time , So i am going to celebrate my house i live in right now because it has been good to us and my babies love it by taking some groovy pics and uploading for all to see! (got to do the housework first though!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

{look who's walking}

Heres Harry taking his first steps , Hes been walking for one week and is getting steadier and steadier, he started off with six steps on the 11th of july shouting yeh!! Now he roars and trys to run arms in the air ! hes walking around the whole house now and can get from sitting to standing on his own, hes so funny to watch he takes two steps forward and two steps back! toddles and falls over!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Wow ive done it mastered loaded brushes mastered photoshop (well for now), And ive managed to create a banner in my templates !!!!! check it out still abit of tweaking to do but im well chuffed!
The brushes used were from the autumn leaves book and one was called loveletters i found on my computer dont know where i got that from sorry! And i found my banner help from a lovely lady called Lindsey teague thanks for that!
Well it has taken some time but ive done it HOORAY!!!! as you can tell im very exicited!
Thanks for looking now i can get back to scrapping!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

{ wedding gift album}

Hi i made a gift album and gave it to them last night they were really pleased they didnt know they were getting it! i used mainly k and co maison heres a few pages! I kept the pages really simple for speed and so they all matched well! really enjoyed doing it and it made anice dent in my stash.
Trying to work out my digi scrapping at the mo! thought it would be so simple to design a banner for my blog but i just keep walking in to brick walls!
Tried to load some brushes and i cant get it to work they are png files and my photoshop dosnt appear to nrecognise them , so ive posted on uk scrappers in the hope that someone will know what to do! then i can go ahead and use my freebies from the designing with digital book and design my banner. Im gonna persivere i know i can do it i 've got to be postitive! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

{5th July}

Hi all here is the pages i designed for scrapagogos june kit, one for each gin x dig it! and gin x wonderland!
im doing a wedding album at the moment as a gift its proving to be a little harder than anticipated! As i too so many photos.
Its been so hot ive had no energy for anthing , the house looks like a dumping ground but i have so much going on in my head i dont know what to do first!!
Be back soon!

Monday, July 03, 2006

{3rd of july}

Hi thank you to everyone who left a comment i was very intrigued as who was visiting i will try and visit all your blogs if you have one.
Heres a lo that was published in this months Scrapbooking inspirations of my two sweeties! ,havent done too many me los this month i must get going!
I have good news i have been asked to teach at a scrapaholics retreat in september i am so excited ive done two los! obviously very secret squirrel but how cool!!other than that been very busy sun bathing and paddling with my little one in the pool!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

{ los 8 an 9}

I was wondering how many people visit my blog if you do please can you leave little comment this time it would be so dishearting if i was talking to myself it would just give me an idea! i get so worried about updating it. Thanks

These los were done for a readers gallery i dont think they were accepted so im posting them here!I used some stickers ive had for a long time! i have hundreds left to use its such a waste i really must read my supply savvy book to give me a kick in the right direction!I havent brouhght anything else but i do have a ellison voucher to use which was a best of the british prize im not sure what to get . I have a quickutz and a craftrobo but a tagalong would be good for crops id get quite a few dies for my money!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

{my own photo shoot}

Check out what ive been doing this morning with a black sheet desklamp and my sony cybershot, wellpleased with the results!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

{Crazy summer days}

These photo were taken june the 10th my lads all dressed up for the football after a day of lazin in the paddling pool , Harry wore owens Bandana as he wouldnt keep his hat on so then Owen wanted one, This pic here hes playing in the padling pool with no water the big one was up the other end of the garden!
I had the England photo put on to a mug for Fathers day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

{so much for a stash diet}

Oh well not doing so good , had to buy some hiedi swapp chipboard letters (allways wanted them and they were in stock) from the states so i got a few papers too, not too bad , My next kit has arrived from scrapagogo blonde moments!!! i wasn't too sure on the papers they aren't what i would normally use but lorraine has teamed it with some great stuff and now i cant wait too play with it its totally outrageous this month!
I recieved one of my best of the british prizes, lots of k and co stuff mainly studio k , so i have plenty to play with. I am expecting the rest of the prize soon so i definatly don't need to buy anything!!
Iwill upload a photo of all my prizes to show you, ill also upload my design team images for last month scrapagogo as soon as they go public!
meanwhile here is som photos ive been playing with! some were taken at a photo shoot and ive fiddled with them, brightened added more contrast and dodged and burned abit! I have this new book you see designing with digital and i gonna try and get too grips with it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

{9am lo no 6}

Heres a lo i did, bit of a wonky scan and a bit missing! never mind , i really loving the look of Ali Edwards she was my inspiration for this . Ithink i really need her new book!!!
I know i cant buy but i just got some fab stanps from technique tuesday seen on my lo, im trying to diet still must concentrate on it now and and get tham los in . No more buying!
Bit too hot to scrapbook though dont you think!

Monday, June 05, 2006

{hi all}

Sorry i haven't disapeared , Just been to visit my friend in lancashire. Had a lovely time though i was ill while i was there just after saying that im never ill??? Still getting over it now!
Had a great time visited Dawn bibbys shop at oswaldtwistle mills always have to have mosey on round there only it is a little harder now we have four children between us rather than two! Still the play area came in handy!
This weekend we visited epping forest a fave place of ours we went to scatter my grandads ashes, it wasnt a sombre afair we had a lovely day fed the ducks Owen loved it, it was very peacefull .
It was my grandad favourite place as he lived there all his life and learnt to swim in the lost pond, myself and my sister both have fond memories of trampling leaves and paddling in the brook . We shall go again soon .Heres some pics of the day.
My stash diets not bad only brought necessitys at topaz (metal ruler, white ink pad etc) I have done three los (nowhere near fifty!!!) but i have done two scrapagogo ones two thats five but i dont think i can count them as they were a new kit!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

{no scrapping yet!}

Went to a wedding this weekend of a friend so i have been doing no scrapping as yet i have a cj to finish and have only done the one lo on my stash diet , so i need to get sorted . Here are some pics of our friends Faye and Andys wedding, Good time had by all!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

{stash diet}

Thats it im having to down size my scraproom and i have too much stash! I brouht the book supply savvy for some inspiration on how to use it up and i have now commited myself to buying no more stash until i have completed 50 los, YES 50 i hear you cry, well yes i am crying but i am going to try!!! so hear is my first one, help me count i must not give in (of course i will still be recieving my scrapagogo kit but that doesnt count)