Sunday, February 15, 2015

Document your life and catch up with project life! The easy way?

Project life I know is meant to be a little at a time week by week.
However since the house has been a building site my Scrapbooking has gone AWOL  so I thought I'd try and catch up!

For those of you that don't know what it is it's a way of documenting your life in photos  and journaling using D ring albums and pocket pages.
There's no right and wrong I just decided an easier way to document my last last year would be to print all the pics and do small snippets, so project life seemed just the thing! 

( 2013 documented courtesy of Niki Rowland )

So for this year the first things I've decided to do are,

1. To document the month that's fresh in my mind whilst documenting a previous one. 
Ie- this January 2015 and last January 2014.

2. To round corners or not to round? I've decided not too as I simply do not have time it's a lot of corners, I figured no one would notice or care. 

3. Not to worry about missing a week! There are a lot of weeks in a year , some months are longer than other and as long as the photos are there it's fine. Some months may have only a few pages some more but saying that I will limit myself as I don't want hundreds of albums!
To help this I'm going to use a range of 12x12 pocket pages for the majority of the month then for left over photos and events I'll use smaller filler pages.

4. Keep all a simple theme throughout , grid cards for journaling and minimal embellishments which will be flat and not bulky. 

5. I'm going to use a range of projectlife cards from different company's, some printables free and paid. I'll also be trying to use a lot of my own stash of which I have plenty! And I'm even going to attempt to make my own printables! Most of my project life stash at the moment is  courtesy of Niki Rowland  I got so far behind with her lovely monthly project that I now at starting from scratch. Watch this space!

6. I'm going to organise all of my photos in to months and as a month goes by I'll be printing it out and putting in an envelope ahead of schedule!

There will be plenty if tips and tricks along the way so here goes if you care to join me please do!

( my little desk in France when the fun begins! )
My next step will photo organisation , believe me that's a task!
Thanks for looking x

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mum I want to be in a show! Auditioning in the westend!

Well here I am the proud mother of an all entertaining and dancing boy! 
Westend audition I hear you say! Yes it's a bit daunting, this is how it went.

In the cafe before the audition, it's great being of school! 

After having been blessed with two boys I really didn't think I would be going down the route of ballet shoes and tap shoes. But here I am and it's been so far a great ride. 
Harry my youngest has been an entertainer from a young age, any music or stage and he would be on it. I knew he needed a bit more so he joined a fab performing arts school. 
It was a big decision he goes for a whole day at the weekend I did at first think it would be a bit too much what with school as well but he absolutely loves it!

He knows the ballet will give him a good dance base  so he doesn't mind donning the ballet shoes, he's thrived in tap and we now know he can sing! 

I wasn't sure about joining  the agency but after his first performance with his arts school we new he had great potential. 
So we jumped in and waited for our first audition which didn't come much later. 
So here we were faced with our first audition for Matilda.

It's a whole new world what do does he have to do? , what monologue? What will the school say? 
Well first of all the school were fine and I gave them confirmation of the audition so I could whisk him off to london for the day. 
The monologue was a whole other story! 
Google monologues and you get a whole lot if verbal diareah! I'm sure there must be a good website out there somewhere but it would of took me years to find one that Harry would be remotely interested in. 
I ended up finding an online Charlie and the chocolate factory script where Charlie tells his family about finding the golden ticket, I adapted this by taking out other characters and Harry seemed to love it. 
The song was a little easier it needed to be a song from a musical but not Matilda but I soon realised that Harry didn't really know a lot of musical so I played a few soundtracks and he settled on Consider yourself from oliver. 
I think really it's best for your child to love and enjoy the song and the monologue to show there potential. 

First time was lets say very interesting we caught the train to london to a dance studio and were joined by lots and lots if boys about 60 all auditioning for the same parts. 
They split the boys in to 3 groups and they had one go at singing in one acting and dancing in the other. 
I told Harry not to expect anything and to just enjoy the experiance , so he bounced in and out of each class with great enthusiasm!
The  ladies who were guiding the audition were lovely and made all the boys at ease and when it was sadly there time to go they congratulated them on the efforts and told them it was no reflection on them and they were extremely talented to be there and maybe next time. 
I do feel like I was maybe getting his hopes up but to be honest it was an enjoyable day out and Harry shrugged his shoulders with a downturned smile and said never mind.

So would we do it again? Well it's a great learning curve, and any experiance at auditioning is good. 
One thing I'd say is don't worry about what your child's wearing comfy, casual and neat is fine . It's not really a good idea to go if your child really does not fit the bill, they are strict on height and age really know what they are looking for. Having said that it's good to get there faces seen as if they are good they will stand out.
So good luck and watch this space!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New acrylic painting of physcadellic zebras!

Whilst on holiday in Spain looking for pictures to hang on out apartment walls , we came across a picture of two multicoloured zebras. There was also a picture of a frog wearing a crown . I decided that it could do just as good a job and set down to combine the two .

This was the result! 
It's a rather large canvas 32 inches square and although I'm pleased with the shape of them ( I hand drew them ) I'm not so sure on some of the tones of colour and my painting techniques . 
I'm sure it will come with practise but not so sure I'll always be happy.
I still think this needs a little work but of course was never meant to be realistic .

Thanks for looking x

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Jo malone red roses! The perfect vintage scent!

I have just found my new love! The Jo Malone red roses eau de cologne . 
I never tried a Jo Malone perfume before but my friend Sarah had quite a few and I always eye them up. 
So whilst at gatwick airport I quick stepped  in to the Jo Malone shop and had a sniff . 

The problem with perfume is once you've smelt a few they all smell the same but the red roses really stood out. It comes in a perfectly classy bottle and scent  lasts a day.
It's smells of the most perfect rose in the most perfect garden light but heady at the same time. It's sweet but flowerey and I'm hooked! 
It's like  a little vintage dream reminds me of being  perched on the garden wall with a bucket and a twig trying to make my own or swinging past the rose bushes in my nans garden in a pair of jellies!
The perfect happy memory in a bottle, if only we could bottle them all!

So now I need to find a violet scent and I've spotted a little number. So watch this space x

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Whoops , Some of my latest Next purchases.

Ive seen quite a few bits for holidays this summer here is some of my purchases so far. I love next I find things wash well and are good quality so there are always a few new bits in my wardrobe each season.

Next dress nautical

This was my favourite purchase! gorgeous stripe navy dress with loose fitting t shirt overlay only £22 here it was perfect for a day out in Peurto Banus! 

Next stripe cardigan

I've got a bit of a thing for navy stripes at the moment and I Loved this cream and Navy striped cardi it goes with all my bright summer vests. You can find it Here

I Picked up this lovely blue t shirt instore its a really lovely soft material. I Can't find it online but I'm sure it's there somewhere it was £12.

This black long waterfall cardigan is really handy and has washed well for £24 , it comes in many colours and i also have the coral.

Grab an embellished vest , really cute. Here , think I need another!

Next boys denim shirt

Even harry has bagged a new shirt!Here

I have picked up a few more bits I'll pop them on soon. Thanks for looking .

Southends adventure island theme park.

Bank holiday Monday we thought we pop along to adventure island for some fun in the sunshine!

Yes can you believe it bank holiday in May this year was sunny,

Rage adventure island

This is a picture of Darren , Owen, Harry and his friend on The Rage

The rage is the main reason we went , Harry is 9 now and said that all of his friends had been on The Rage, he was just tall enough for a blue wrist band which is 1.2 metres so could Infact go on every ride at adventure island. Which is brilliant for smaller dare devils he hates watching the others have fun!

When we arrived at The Rage which has a vertical drop of---- Harry cried his eyes out ! He was terrified all of his friends had done it and couldn't believe how big it was! 

After watching big brother and daddy ride he soon decided he did not want to miss out, this is his face after riding. He then went on another 6 times!

For those that don't know Adventure island is a free entry theme park where you can pay for rides by tickets or by a wrist band on the day which let's you rides all of the attractions.

Rage Southend

We got there just before it opened and queued for tickets which were £25 for a blue wristband , for a green wristband £20 and for a red wristband £15. 

We could of purchased them online and saved £4 on a blue wrist band which we have done before but the visit was a bit last minute so we didn't this time. 

Adventure island

We spent the day on all of the big rides had great fun 

We popped out to Sands restaurant which part of the group for lunch and sat overlooking the sea. It was a bit more expensive but the food was lovely they also had a live singer which was a nice touch.

There are lots of places to eat inside Jungle Jive cafe , fish and chip shops and plenty of candy floss stops, but we fancied something more relaxing.

You can a cheaper deal for the jungle jive cafe if you book online too. 

We spent some more time inside the park after lunch to make  the most of out of wristbands but it was getting a bit busier so short queues but nothing much more than 10-15 mins.

We just had to grab some hot sugered donuts on the way home the best!

So a few tips, get there early to avoid the main rush and park a bit closer.

Pay and display Parking is available all down the promenade and if you pay with your mobile phone you get a nice little reminder when it's about to run out.

Book your tickets online they are cheaper.

You don't need a wristband for just walking around the park and if your child is under 1.2 metres an adult rides for free! So that's all red and green rides.

If you want to eat in the outside sands restaurant ( near the entrance ) book before you go in although you can't book to sit outside it's first come first served.

If you live local buy an annual pass at £75 , this is something I'm hoping  to do with the boys soon, we live quite local so we will be able to pop along for the morning or evening grab a bite to eat and let the boys ride a few coasters. How cool is that ? 

Watch this space we will be back!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Freshen up the garden with grey paint and a new Acer!

Today We spent the day taking a good look at the garden. As we are doing all the work on the inside if the house the garden has been neglected and we thought we would tidy it up abit. 
Unfortunately the lawnmower has packed up and being such a long garden we have called in for some help to keep it down , but in the meantime the  woodwork was looking tired and the fences need a paint . So we thought we would try a touch of grey , the fence to the right will be painted but will be a bit darker grey.
We can't decide whether to paint the base of the pond or leave it as it is? , we quite like the weathered affect but as they are old sleepers they have aged quite well.
I'm hoping once the fence is painted it will all tie in.

The paint comes n a variety of colours we chose the silver birch and it covered perfectly in just one coat!
 I'm just trying to decide on what colour to paint the shed and the kids climbing frame !
We also picked up a new Acer tree we think it's a  Wilson's Pink Dwarf tree that's been grafted on to another trunk .

It's beautiful ! The colours are stunning think this will be potted up next to our front door it's really a stunner!
The leaves are a bright green with a pink edge and are tiny and feathery. 

So here's to the next round of painting, watch this space I'm getting excited! I love it when you can get out in the garden and it enjoy it! 

Thanks for looking xx

Bonsai and jade plants , Could it be my new hobby?

My friend gave me a little tree to grow on as a bonsai , it doesn't look like a bonsai and I thought what will I do with that? 
I spent the next day searching the internet for bonsai information and decided to try an experiment!

This little jade plant was my nans and was looking very sorry for itself it had branches all over the place and a lot of them were shooting roots. 
I gave it a hard cut back and potted it in to a bonsai dish anchoring it down. 
Jade plants are very hardy and grow very quick that said a new plant can turn in to a mature bonsai in just 3 years ! My plant had been neglected and not even watered for a while but now all the leaves have plumpted back out and I'm hoping for new shoots to train.

With out wanting to waste anything I potted all of the cuttings so I can try some new bonsai and new jade plants afresh. Great for gifts too!

I also tried another little bonsai an escallonia plant which is a flowering privet evergreen. It needed lots of pruning  and still needs the lower branch taken off just wasn't sure at the time . 

Ok so it looks a bit spindly! But I'm sure it will bush out for more trimming if not I guess I should stick to the jade plants! 
I let you know what they look like in a few months! 
Thanks for looking x