Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bistro cherito benevista Estepona review

Having just bought out place in Spain we are trying out the local restaurants , it's really hard finding where to go so I thought for the people who stay in our apartment and for others in the area I thought it would be a good idea to review  them as we go. 

So restaurants , cafés, big , small and the odd day out. 
So first off last night we visited bistro cherito in benevista. I think it's owned by the same people as the Golden sum Chinese.
First breakfast where we had coffees and English breakfast . 
Full English is €5,95 and was a fair size. Lots of outside tables and seemed pretty busy in the morning with locals. 
I actually had a tuna sand which for a change which was toasted but good .
Orange juice was lovely.

The evening they do a 3 course menu for €13.95 good choice , and we thoroughly enjoyed the Thai curry.

All large portions, nice big fat chips. Lovely prawns . 
The waiter was a lovely fellow very nice and attentive.
4 starters , 5 mains , about 8 drinks , 2 coffees was about €90 euros so not bad.

Downsides as with all the restaurants along this road if you sit outside it's along a busy road so you hear and see traffic.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New holiday clothes and Michael Kors plate thong sandals

Seeing as I was going on holiday I thought I'd get some new holiday clothes  and after a day of sunning myself I popped some on .
This is my first go a clothes photo pics so I had help from my son . I figured I would try some real pictures rather than pictures of clothes piled up, I'm not one for photos of myself but here goes.
It's still a it chilly in the evening so jeans go down well with a cardi.

I picked up some new bleach wash jeans in next they are so comfy with a high rise. Here
The cardigan is also from next and my favourite summer colour! Here
Micheal kors sandals which I purchased from the MK store in Peurto Banus last time I was here .Seen here
My vest top was from warehouse last year but they do different colours every year and wash well.
Last but not least my Mulberry Effie satchel .
I'm loving the sandels I'd been after a pair or tan thongs for a while . However they had so many colours I could not decide. The foot bed is padded for comfort and they stay well on your feet, and don't swing around .
Hiding my right toe due it having not quite grown back yet! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 hundred happy days catch up

I've been in Spain for a few days so hopefully my next few 100 hundred happy days should be sunny!

Here's my new bedding for the spainish bedroom . Purchased from asda!

Sharing some cava and strawberrys  by the pool . 

Watching the kite surfers at salduna beach.

Organising the boys  packing , I love coordinating!

100 hundred happy days to you see you soon . X

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easy packing with kids and travel roll up pen cases!

I have to say packing for boys must be easier than girls and packing for older children too as they need less stuff!

In trying to prepare for the plane I found these pencil and pens rolls. Which stop the pencils all rolling out of the case and all over the floor! 
Pencil roll was from derwent , pencils from whsmiths. Pens stabilo.
So armed with a pad and an ipad loaded with films all good to go. 

We are travelling to Spain for just over a week there will be a washing machine onsite and the weather should be ok for shorts during the day but cooler in the evening . 

I like to take enough for some change of clothes but colour coordinate them so that my two boys can just grab and go.
They hate getting dressed in the morning even now !

I also like to pair up there clothes so they have the same ie two navy t shirts and two grey. I always used to like seeing them in matching clothes but think Owen is getting a little old for this now. But matching colours makes for nice photos .

I then like to prepare for any event.  Hot , cold , smart or casual, So I have 3 long trousers -  jeans , joggers and chinos and 3 shorts - jeans , joggers, chinos .Then it's done, easy peasy. 

just the last bits like ,
Flip flops 
Swim shorts

On the day of travel I get the kids dressed in layers of the heavier items , so hoody , jeans and trainers .

Same for me really I wear things I can wear whilst there. I thought I'd pop on my new next bright blue jeans as they are so comfy! 
And new stripey cardi which goes with any colour vest. 

And don't forget your kindle!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Casa Espana , our little bit of Marbella spain.

This time last year we bought an apartment in spain. Situated in Marbella 10 mins from peurto banus its a little gem with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Its a ground floor Apartment overlooking the pool, with a lovely terraced area. We have had great fun buying furniture and making it nice and homely.

Its got a lovely wood burner in the living room which comes in handy as it can be quite chilly in the evenings out of season.

The gardens are well kept and it has its own private underground parking.

Even Yoda has visited!

I will be reviewing different places to go and restaurants as we visit them , there is so much to do!

Roaming Roosters , farm shop and The olde spot restaurant , Lancashire.

Roaming roosters farm shop and the old spot restaurant, Higham  Lancashire.

Driving home from Lancashire to London is a bit of a long job so just before going home we stopped off at the olde spot restaurant for some lunch.

The olde spot has a lovely rural feel to it we had a large 8 seat round table which was perfect for out two families.
The service was friendly and a nice speed and it was jam packed with a lovely atmosphere .
The menu was vast and I could nt decide as usual , cheese pie , mushy peas and chips or pulled pork foccacia bun!

The children get a choice of all of the menu as a half size portion , which was great . Harry's fish goujons were Huge!

Dessert was even better , bake well tart, chocolate fudge cakes and pecan merangue to name but a few.

I had to try the rose lemonade it was delicious , think Turkish delight with fizz!

We all enjoyed it so much That I couldn't leave without buying few bits in the farm shop. 
It has a large butchers selection , stocks local Lancashire beers , vegetables and condiments. 
I chose some beef olives , which were jalapeños , sundries tomato sausage meat stuffed in beef steak , they were delicious .
We also took home some fillet and some pork and beer sausages . Yum! 

Bieng as it's a farm the children can feed the animals too for a small fee , we unfortunately didn't have time for this so will be back next time!
 Can't wait! 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A lovely weekend rambling with friends in Roughlee Lancashire .

We Thought we would go for a walk around the fields and pathways that surround my friend Sarahs home. It did end up with us getting rather wet!

We went down to visit last year and took yoda , a few weeks after we left the Christies adopted Toby! So this time yoda and Toby met.

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Yorkshire dales icecream parlour and play barn Billy Bobs.

Sunday whilst staying down at our friends Sarah and Chris's we took the boys to billy bobs parlour. Situated in the stunning Yorkshire dales just outside of Skipton is this fabulous 60's style ice-cream and American Diner. Fantastic place for kids and at last a place where young teens think its cool!

yorkshire dales icecream parlour

Struggling with ways to get teenagers off the xbox this is the perfect place to let them let off some steam!
As you can My Teen Owen doesn't even like pictures!
One of the best most amazing parts is the play barn! We lost the boys for hours just plain with swinging on ropes and playing in hay.